Listened Without Prejudice.

Fantastic Red

You’ve just heard Dexys Midnight Runners for the four hundred and third time that week, and you’re starting to become devoid of hearing anything else. Wham! Just like that, George Michael storms the scene and the apocalypse is over. Amongst a conglomerate of one-hit-wonder makers, George Michael (and Andrew Ridgeley, let’s give the lad some credit) stood out from the rest. Here he is with a Fantasticred background. That’s not what I think of the colour, (although it is very fantastic) it actually pays tribute to the album ‘Fantastic’ by Wham!Hey, clever that.

Decided to mix-and-match the colours, and following the template of my first attempt, I took the colouring from an array of George’s albums. Faith Blue, Edge of Heavengreenbluepurpleandblack, and Twenty Five blueishgreyandwhite. (Yes, i’m shaking my head currently as well)

Rest in Peace George Michael. ∞

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